Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm so afraid of getting rejected that I've rarely ever been able to tell the girls who I truly care about that I like them. My ideal relationship is to be with someone who I am best friends with. The problem is that once I develop a strong friendship I give up on turning it into a relationship because I fear the rejection from someone that I am close to. This has caused me to have only superficial relationships that go nowhere and I'm scared that I will be alone forever because I will never have the guts to tell someone that I like them


Anonymous said...

aww. my boyfriend now was exactly the same as you. we were best friends for 2 years before he told me how he felt. and the whole time I had been in love with him too.

so what I'm saying is, take the chance. tell her how you feel. you might be suprised :)

Anonymous said...

Me and my bestfriend were together for 7 years. His insecurities killed us.