Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I fear that the girl my boyfriend and i broke up over will say yes to him.

He loves her, i know he truly does, but i'm terrified that she'll say yes and date him and fall for him to.

Because like a child, i want him to be miserable. I want him to miss me and to want me back and i fear that he wont.

I fear that in a few months they'll be in love with eachother and i'll still be all by myself.


Amr said...

The question is not weather he loves you or not it doesnt matter what matters is do YOU love him?! or you just want him.....they say if let a bird free if it came bck to you then the bird loves you......i dont know if this will help or not i dont even know if u'll read this or not hope my message reaches you :)

Anonymous said...

if he is in love with someone else, let him be. its hard to love someone and not be loved back but no matter what you do, you can not make a person love you.