Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm afraid that I will never fall in love, that I will never have a family. I'm afraid that no man will ever see me as more than just a fun time.


AlexaTheHelp said...

you dont have to worry about that. everyone at one point in there life will find the one there in love with, its just that you needd to be strong enough to except them and keep them there. because you never know. the one you are in love with could of already passed.

Anonymous said...

Good going alexa. You're a great help and comfort, I'm sure- not.
Now she is probably afraid that her true love has passed her by.
Believe me, we all have more than just one soul mate in life. You will find true love, even if one or even two have passed you by, there are a lot of lovable fish in this sea of life!
Give love and it will come back to you.